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Designing Out Crime Training

CMA training provides bespoke workshops to cover the principles of CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design). Good design and the effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction in the fear of crime and incidence of crime, and to an improvement in quality of life of those who live and work there.  This is an effective way of fighting crime and can impact positively on businesses in the targeted area.  Workshops can last from one up to five days.  Longer workshops will include a large element of practical on-site exercises, part of the course that has evaluated very strongly in supporting delegates to apply their knowledge.

Who will benefit ? 

The CPTED workshops are designed for police crime prevention design advisors (CPDAs) and crime prevention staff.  However, the strategies are also ideal for town and city planners, council members, architects, security consultants, developers or anyone involved in designing neighbourhoods, schools, town centres and regeneration areas.

Course content

This will vary according to the length of the workshop but can include:

  • The principles of CPTED.
  • Understanding site plans.
  • Defensible space.
  • Real and symbolic barriers.
  • Lighting for safety and human activity.
  • Planning law
  • The role of the CPDA (crime prevention design advisor)
  • Secured By Design.
  • Crowded places.
  • CPTED and terrorism 
  • Site plan reviews (practical exercise).
  • CPTED and schools.

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