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Consultancy Services

There is a need to create safe working environments and culture throughout the organisation so staff feel supported. Employers need to comply with health and safety legislation and demonstrate that they have robust and practical personal safety policies and procedures in place to protect staff and minimise risk of violence and aggression.

What can we offer?

We able to provide a range of consultancy services to organisations in order to help managers and staff examine the risk to their personal safety and identify practical solutions and help ensure compliance saving money, time and effort.

Examples of consultancy work delivered include:

  • Designing the layout of working environments to minimise the risks to the personal safety of staff and reduce opportunities for crime.
  • Running focus groups with staff and managers to explore the risks to personal safety and identify practical solutions.
  • Providing advice on creating concise, workable policies, procedures and safer working practices.
  • Providing advice on conducting effective personal safety risk assessments.


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