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Business Crime Training

This two-day training workshop builds on the introduction to the problem solving processes used in crime prevention.  It examines business crime in more detail supporting delegates to learn and apply techniques to develop safer communities.  The course content includes how to conduct a security survey using a range of systematic techniques and considering target-hardening measures and personal behaviours that people can use to make them more secure. It gives delegates the knowledge and skills to provide appropriate, realistic and cost-effective solutions to reduce business crime. The second day will involve a practical survey of a commercial property or retail outlet so that delegates can apply their course knowledge with confidence.

Who will benefit?

The workshop is primarily designed for frontline staff in neighbourhood policing teams who are likely to be dealing with business crime on a day to day basis.  It is also suitable for Business Fire Officers and managers in retail and shopping centre environments, who need to conduct security surveys of business premises.

Course content:

  • SARA model and the Ten Principles of Crime Prevention.
  • Identifying and applying tools and techniques that can be used to identify and respond to business crime issues.
  • Identifying the level of risk from crime associated with commercial properties.
  • Understanding the range of security measures that can be implemented to reduce the levels of risk associated with business crime.
  • Conducting a practical security survey of a commercial or retail property.
  • Evaluating the options and making recommendations that are appropriate, realistic and cost-effective to reduce the risk of business crime.
  • Action planning


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