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Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service

Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service

Steve Richards as station manager at the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service needed a bespoke crime prevention course for the Arson Reduction Team and also for Business Fire officers, in order that they could work more effectively. Christine was recommended by senior staff from previous bespoke training delivered to the South Wales Fire & Rescue Service.

Following consultation Christine designed a one-week course with a significant practical element to be delivered at their on-site training centre close to Swansea.  Course content included the principles of the problem solving approach to crime prevention, and security surveying skills.

The practical element involved two large off-site exercises comprising a crime prevention/security survey of a large Tesco Extra and an environmental visual audit of Port Talbot shopping centre and its immediate environs.

The course in January 2015 was highly successful in equipping delegates with the skills, knowledge and confidence to undertake problem solving, crime prevention security surveying and conducting environmental visual audits on behalf of Mid and West Wales Fire & Rescue Service.


I especially enjoyed the instructional technique employed by the trainer. It was refreshing to attend a five day course without one PowerPoint presentation. This shows the instructor has lots of background knowledge and experience. The course was very interactive and relaxed, however the instructor maintained control and brought the discussions back on track if they went off at a tangent. 
Steve Richards, Station Manager

The course gave me the opportunity to refresh previous knowledge and contextualise it in my new working environment.  It also allowed me to see how much other members of the team will apply the knowledge and gave me an insight on how we can utilise these skills as a team
I enjoyed the delivery style (no PowerPoint) with plenty of practical application and the booklets you supplied are an excellent reference tool
Thanks again, very positive course
 Police Sergeant 558 Gareth Evans 
Arson Reduction Team
 Mid and West Wales Fire Service


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